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A Great Idea reborn!


Remember the golashes that your Father or Grandfather tugged over his shoes before leaving for work? Perhaps, you questioned if Father really knew best. Not only were golashes heavy and awkward -- even then, they looked out of date.

Since 1994, NEOS has been reinventing the overshoe. NEOS are lightweight, waterproof, and durable. NEOS fit on over any footwear, compact for travel, and look so cool; your kids will want to wear them. Father knows best but NEOS knows better.



We all use the NEOS famliy of overshoes! From getting to the cold car in the winter and then into the store, or when volunteering time at a local cross country ski race, the staff of Stride Orthopaedic & Footwear practice what we preach. The benefits of NEOS have even been realized in the summer during landscaping projects and cutting the wet lawn.

The good folks at NEOS are constantly updating and introducing new ideas to the NEOS family of products, like this years Navigator 5. For the latest, just click on the link and you will be taken to the NEOS website!


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