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Closure Modification

Prescribed -  for patients who have limited dexterity of the hands, or mobility issues as a result of arthritis, stroke or accident and have trouble using their hands to tie thier footwear. Velcro Straps will allow patients the ability to fasten thier own footwear.

Function -  ease of securing footwear with out tying shoe laces.  Allows appropriately fitting and fuctioning footwear to be used by those unable to tie laces.

Goal -  self reliance, allowing individual the ability to put on thier own footwear, thereby promoting independent Living.  Also increases safety of footwear, allowing it to stay on the foot securely, and to function optimally.

1. Ankle and foot support of footwear is maintained.
2. Promotes balance.
3. Minimizes the risk of tripping and falling.
4. Allows the most appropriate footwear to be worn, even when it is not available in a velcro closure.

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