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The provision of Custom Made Footwear is one of the most useful treatments available to a specific segment of the population that cannot fit stock footwear.

Recently, a number of our clients as well as the general public, have inquired about the provision of custom footwear including shoes, boots and sandals.

A prescription for Custom Made Footwear should include a diagnosis requiring the use of custom footwear, and the treatment, which is custom made footwear from a three dimensional cast. Many insurance companies are requiring a breakdown of the materials used in the manufacturing process, and a picture of the client's foot, showing why custom made footwear is warranted. We applaude these steps taken by the insurance providers to control fraudulent claims for these types of products and services.

The provision of custom made and modified footwear is within the scope of practice of the Certified Pedorthist ( Canada). The definition and provision of such treatment has unfortunately, been clouded by a number of allied health care providers. To clarify this service, Stride Orthopaedics & Footwear, in cooperation with the Pedorthic Association of Canada, have developed the following guidelines for the provision of Custom Made Footwear, Orthopaedic Footwear, and Footwear Modification.



Custom made footwear is specifically designed for a client, and made from raw materials. In order to have custom made footwear, the client must have a biomechanical assessment , and be casted using a three dimensional casting technique .


Orthopaedic Footwear is footwear that has been designed to accommodate biomechanical and/or structural deficiencies in the client. Typically, this footwear will accommodate custom foot orthotics and any structural defects the client may have. 


Footwear Modification is the changing of stock or specially ordered footwear by the Certified Pedorthist ( Canada ) by addition of material. Modification can be done to the sole, midsole, upper, lining, closure or footbed (insole).




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