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Rocker Sole Modification

Prescribed -  Post surgery for persons who have limited or no motion in their ankle, knee or hip.  Also prescribed for great toe joint mobility issues (hallux limitus, hallux rigidus, hallux valgus) and midtarsal and forefoot joint pain issues.


Forefoot Rocker Sole - Off loads weight at Metatarsal heads.  Used in treating capsulitis, hallux limitus/rigidus and metatarsalgia.

Heel to Toe Rocker Sole - Adds motion where there is limited motion or no motion at ankle or midfoot.  Also add S.A.C.H. Heel  to reduce stress at heel strike.  Used in treating ankle fusion, forefoot ulceration, and Charcot foot.

Rearfoot Rocker -  Decreases impact/ground reaction forces at heel strike.  Used before SACH modification as it is less time consumming and less costly modification for the patient.  Can be combined with forefoot rocker to significantly modify forces during gait.

Goal -  Stability and controled motion from Heel strike to Toe off.

Decreased forces through ankle and knee joints

Smooth and pain free ambulating

1. Adds motion
2. Stops Re-injury
3. Promotes Healing
4. Alleviate Stress on effected Area



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