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Insurance Documents

Stride Orthopaedics & Footwear is proud to employ three Canadian Certified Pedorthists, also known as a CPed(C).  All of our patients receive a comprehensive analysis including a history, biomechanical gait analysis, patient education on footwear selection and the manufacturing of the devices prescribed.

We utilize a web-based data program that allows us to email our detailed assessment, treatment plan, and any exercise or educational documents directly to our patients.

As Canadian Certified Pedorthists, we are bound by the Code of Ethics of the College of Pedorthics of Canada to obtain and maintain complete records on our patients.  We are also used to providing the appropriate paperwork to ensure that our patients will be re-imbursed for our services, based on the level of coverage they have.  We will provide you with the following by email, or at your dispensing appointment:
  • A one page cover letter explaining our credentials, our casting techniques, and the materials we use in the manufacture of our custom foot orthoses (orthotics)
  • A copy of your two to three page biomechanical and gait analysis, including our treatment suggestions
  • A copy of the one page invoice for our services, marked with the method of payment
  • The original prescription you obtained from your primary care provider (we will keep a copy in your treatment file).

Many individuals with no foot-care education, training or qualifications dispense what they call “custom foot orthoses” at health fairs, lifestyle, home, and sportsman shows and mall kiosks. Typically, the “professionals” selling these products are unqualified, unaccountable and in many cases misleading in their practices, billing, and claims. In addition, some health care professionals who are highly trained in their fields have absolutely no training in the assessment and provision of foot orthoses.
Prior to submitting your claim, please ensure that you understand what you have coverage for.
As the patient, you alone authorize the pedorthist to provide your treatment.  You are therefore solely responsible for the payment of all fees.  If needed, we can provide a quotation for a pre-determination with your plan.

For a great document on what to expect and look for when being assessed for foot orthoses, please read this great document called What You Need to Know provided by Manulife.
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