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Service, Selection and Accountability

Stride Orthopaedics is very proud of it's fitters at Stride Footwear.  In 2008 they were awarded the designation of Procare Fitter facility.

Procare is a New Balance initiative designed to deliver unprecedented footwear fitting services. Its objective is to educate, prepare, guide and support Fit Specialist Dealers. 

Stride’s “Procare Fit Specialists” are recognized by the health care community for their expert knowledge of foot health, shoe selection and fitting.

The core values we impart on our staff include Confidence, Competency and Trust.      

  • Confidence – Educated staff, friendly store layouts and quality products have earned us the confidence of referred footcare patients.
  • Competency – Education, testing and certification ensures that our Procare Fit Specialists are competent service providers.
  • Trust – High standards within a scope of practice have earned Procare Dealers the trust of Health care providers.
We were chosen to be a Procare dealer for a number of reasons, including:
  • Our ability to deliver products and services that deliver value to both medical professionals and their patients.
  • Our dedication to building strong relationships within the health care community.
  • Our commitment to provide the highest level of service and education to our customers.
  • Our efforts to maintain a complete and representative inventory of products that allows us to service a broad range of customer types and needs.

The above criteria, along with training and testing, are essential to earning the Procare Dealer designation. They are the measurable components by which we, as a Procare Dealer, meet our commitments.  We strive to deliver the best service, a wide compliment of footwear, and dedicated follow up to address the needs of our customers, and the professionals that refer them to us.

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