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Stride Orthopaedics is a full service pedorthic facility, employing four full time Canadian Certified Pedorthists who have degrees in Kinesiologists, as well as a Registered Kinesiologist who specializes in brace and compression fitting. 

We specialize in the biomechanical assessment and management of lower limb problems through the use of proper footwear, foot orthotics, footwear modification and lower limb bracing. 

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Stride Footwear is our retail shoe store, specializing in professional service, and a wide selection of footwear for the entire family. 


We are recognized as a

ProCare Fit Specialist Dealership, and  professionally fit footwear for all age groups.  We also retail a variety of socks and accessories to help improve our customers enjoyment of their activities.  You do not need a foot problem to treat your feet right at The Stride Group.





No matter what brings you in to see us, you will leave Stride knowing that your needs have been addressed, your questions have been answered, and you have a plan for positive change.





Owned and operated by Richard Bosch, HKin, CPed(C) and Tarja Shipston, BSc(HK) CPed(C), Stride Orthopaedics & Footwear is "Committed to providing professional services and products to enhance all walks of life". Through our comprehensive lower limb assessments and unique integrated biomechanical approach, we provide effective solutions for foot and leg problems. Our trained staff can fit the most difficult of feet, from first walkers, athletes, and people with special needs, to people dealing with disease processes such as Diabetes, and the various forms of Arthritis.


Stride is proud to be locally owned and operated.  We are regular contributors to the local branches of the Canadian Diabetes Association and The Arthritis Society.

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Welcome to The Stride Group
Welcome to The Stride Group. Please select your area of interest... ...
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