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It's all about the muscle pump! Every time we take a step, the muscles of the lower leg contract and relax, putting pressure on the veins of the lower leg, and assisting them in fighting against gravity to move your blood back up to the heart. Within the veins there are one way valves that are designed to not allow a back up in the flow of blood up to the heart. It is when these valves fail that varicosities and swollen legs can start. If the swelling and varicosities are noticed by you, or your physician, prescription medical stockings may be prescribed.

Prescription Medical Stockings are used to aid in the actions of the muscle pump.

Once your physician has chosen the appropriate compression and length of stocking for you, your legs are then measured at several areas to determine your specific size. These measurements should be taken first thing in the morning, as close to your rising as possible. An appointment is not necessary, but highly recommended for this.

Once you have them, the stockings are put on first thing in the morning, and worn all day.

Significant advances in materials technology have made today's compression stockings very fashionable, cool, and comfortable. These are not your Grandma's support hose!

Feel free to stop in and ask our staff about the styles, colours and uses of medical compression stockings.


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