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Putting the body in motion

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At Stride Orthopaedics & Footwear, our Certified Pedorthists are educated in the analysis of human walking, known as a Gait Assessment. Human gait is broken down into three phases; Heel Strike, Midstance, and Toe Off. Observing each of these phases, a CPed(C) looks at the movement pattern of the various segments of the foot and lower leg, as well as the relationship these movements have on the knee, hip and lower back.


Often, when great precision is required, subtle nuances are missed by the naked eye, or if the client is a high level athlete or involved in a running programme, a Video Gait Analysis is performed. In this situation, the client is video taped with a digital video camera, and following several views in both the walking and running condition, the footage is analysed by the Pedorthist and explained to the client.

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By showing the client what the Pedorthist is seeing, or looking for, a greater understanding is obtained.

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