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Tarja Shipston, CPed(C)


"The practice of Pedorthics takes into account all aspects of the patients active lifestyle, including foot mechanics, but also footwear, previous injury, treatment and the effects of systemic diseases like Arthritis and Diabetes."


Member of Pedorthic
Association of Canada



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of the College of
Pedorthics of Canada

Tarja Shipston received her Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics from the University of Guelph in 1987. After extensive experience working in Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, specializing in lower limb problems (mostly knee and foot and ankle problems) and working in a weekly Foot Clinic with a Sports Medicine physician, Tarja received her Certified Pedorthist (Canada) designation in 1997, and in 2003 joined the newly formed College of Pedorthics.

Tarja realized the importance of providing a full service Pedorthic Facility to the community. “I had been making orthoses for several years, and I was amazed at the number of patients that would receive an orthotic that in theory should address their biomechanical needs, yet in shoe results were not always what I had hoped. I realized that not only was the type of orthosis that the patient wears important, but the footwear that the device is worn is an equally important factor in the patient’s successful treatment regime. One very important aspect of Pedorthic treatment is examining our clients’ footwear for wear pattern, educating the client regarding appropriate selection and proper fit of footwear. Certified Pedorthists are the only professionals certified in the proper fit and selection of footwear for medical purposes. I felt I could provide a much better service to my patients by providing them with appropriate footwear choices. The result was greater patient compliance and a more satisfying result!” It was from this realization that Stride was born. Tarja joined colleague Richard Bosch in founding Stride Orthopaedics & Footwear in September 2000.

Tarja is a Certified Medical Stocking fitter, and has been in involved in several research studies, including a Pilot Study at the Sunnybrook Hospital Biomechanics Research Laboratory, which was published in the Journal of Biomechanics. Other research projects include papers regarding gait assessment using a force platform in conjunction with Lakehead University and presented at the Canadian Association of Sports Medicine Physicians Conference as well as International Biomechanics Conferences. She has presented at the Annual Symposium of the Pedorthic Association of Canda, and has worked at the L.U. Sports Medicine Clinic providing pedorthic services as well as assessing lower limb strength and joint laxity of Varsity Athletes.

 Tarja recently joined the College of Pedorthics of Canada in the Ethics portfolio and has attended a number of events aimed at enforcing the rules of the College on it's national membership.

Tarja loves cross- country skiing, trail running and spending time outdoors (and at the soccer pitch)  with her family.

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