Stride Orthopaedics and Footwear - COVID-19 Phase 3 Re-opening (July 16, 2021)

Stride Orthopaedics and Footwear


COVID-19 Phase 3 ( effective July 16, 2021)

Dear patrons,
Stride Orthopaedics is ready for Phase 3! We are however, still proceeding cautiously for the safety of our patrons, staff and families.
Interactions are no longer necessarily booked appointments, however it is recommended, should you wish to ensure you do not have to wait for service.  If you have an appointment, please call from your vehicle and we will meet you at the door.  We need time in between interactions to clean and sanitize the treatment and fitting areas.
We continue to ask that ONLY ONE person attend an appointment, unless a care giver or parent of a minor needs to attend.  We are attempting to keeping a 1:1 ratio of staff to patients.
When you enter the facility, you will be asked to sign in and answer our screening questions.  Please answer them honestly and with the understanding that this is intended to protect you and others.  We have many patients who are immune-compromised and are unable to be vaccinated.
We are still able to do curb-side pick up, and continue to offer free delivery inside the City of Thunder Bay.
As has been the case from day one, back in March of 2020, regular cleaning and sanitizing after each patron will continue.  Masks are mandatory, and we ask that if you have special circumstances (unable to mask), you share them prior to your appointment to eliminate any unnecessary stressors.
Please call 807-344-9608 to book your appointment.  There is no charge for footwear, compression or brace fittings.
Monday-Thursday 9:00-5:00
Friday - 10-5
Saturday - CLOSED (for now)
Sunday - CLOSED   
Again, for those uncomfortable with entering our facility, we can do car-side dispensing like we've done since April 2020. Additionally, we can also arrange for free delivery inside the City of Thunder Bay.  If you have any questions further to this, feel free to call 807-344-9606 and leave a message, we will return all calls as soon as possible.  
We have come a long way together, and we didn’t get a chance to celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2020. We are hopeful that- with a group effort at levels - the summer of 2021 will be more favourable for a celebration!
Stay well!



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