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Hello Thunder Bay & Northewestern Ontario,

We are on to Phase 3 of our return to opening!

In light of the recent news briefings from the Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments, and in concert with our professional Colleges and Association, we have called back our Clinical and Fitting Staff for a return to modified operations!  But what does this mean, what are we at Stride Orthopaedics doing, and what can we do FOR YOU?  We have developed our own version of PPE...



We are all wearing masks, and in compliance with the Health Unit, all patrons must do the same.

We have invested in an entire system of cleaning supplies, and have increased the frequency and thoroughness of our protocols

We have added additional pre- and post-appointment cleaning protocols

We have installed polycarbonate guards to protect our staff, patients and patrons



We have modified  the timing of our appointments to minimize overlap between clinicians and patients

We will be asking all patients to attend their appointments in the clinic alone, unless a care giver or parent must be present

All interactions with the public will be on a 1:1 ratio.  Once we have maxed out this ratio, the doors will be locked until we are back in balance.

If the doors are locked, feel free to call and we can give you an approximate wait time.

All individuals entering the facility will be screened, will have their hands sanitized, and will we ask you to bring a mask 

Curb Side delivery of orders, and delivery of orders to your door will remain options.



All of our clinical staff have gone through educational initiatives with the Pedorthic Association of Canada

We are in constant contact with the College of Pedorthics of Canada, as well as the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario

We are following Best Practices Guidelines of both regulatory bodies, the District Health Unit, and the Public Health Agency of Canada




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